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Celebrating 2022! A Year in Review

This year, MEDUCOM maintained incredible growth both as a team and as a business. At the beginning of the year, we moved to a fresh new office space that affords us more meeting rooms, a gym, relaxation area and much larger lunchroom. With all the extra room, it makes sense that our team grew to fill the new space!

We’re Growing!

MEDUCOM hit a milestone number of 30 driven individuals, as we welcomed 10 new members to the team this year. Wardha, Bhuvna and Dallas joined our project lead team and Hannah, Amber and Tiffany joined our medical department. We celebrated the establishment of a multi-talented creative department with the addition of two graphic designers, Maureen and Marcie. We also welcomed Kaitlin and Rebekah to our leadership team.

Not only did the MEDUCOM team expand, but our team’s families grew as well. In May, Nicola welcomed her second son, Elwood, into the world. Rebecca followed shortly after with the arrival of her first baby girl, Alora, in August. Cristi returned from maternity leave after welcoming her daughter Cecilia, towards the end of last year. Andrea got married in October and Wardha will be getting married overseas over the holidays!

Rest & Reflect… MEDUCOM’s First Company Retreat

Mid-summer, we packed our bags and headed to our first company retreat. All departments came together to reflect on our culture and brainstorm how we could continue to make MEDUCOM a healthy, productive and fun work environment. Team building events were no joke as our competitive team worked together to solve workshop puzzles and strategize the most efficient way of completing obstacle courses. We also took this time away from the office as an opportunity to run comprehensive training for Microsoft office programs, effective communication and active listening. While we worked hard, we certainly played hard too… we still enjoyed time poolside, barbeques, karaoke and fireside chats in between workshops!

We enjoyed the retreat so much we’ve decided to make it an annual event – and we may have already started planning the next one…

We Chased Excellence

We are strong believers in both the quality of the work we do, and MEDUCOM has worked hard to build a culture that nurtures productivity as well as eachother. This year, we received recognition for our efforts on both fronts. We are proud to announce we won this year’s OPMA SKUY award for Digital, Non-branded Disease-state Awareness Campaign, as well as HR Reporter’s Best Place to Work Award.

Grateful to see you again (in-person!)

2022 is the first year since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic that we’ve been able to host and attend in-person events since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the opening of public spaces, we welcomed back valuable features to high-profile events such as National web broadcasts, with in-person speaker panels, VIP viewing rooms and complimentary dinner socials. We enjoyed bringing internal teams together for their brand planning sessions, coordinating team building events and workshops. HCPs arrived with amplified energy to in-person advisory boards and consult meetings, some re-connecting face-to-face with colleagues for the first time in 2 years. It was no doubt a year to remember as we re-learned how to plan and deliver successful in-person events with an added edge now that virtual programs have taken the industry by storm!

Embracing a new normal

With great excitement, we embraced getting back to in-person meetings, events and sales pitches. However, we still recognized the incredible digital adaptations brought about during the pandemic were here to stay, all for the better. To ensure we remained equipped and ready to shift in-person events to hybrid or fully virtual, we opted to keep some of our most effective digital innovations:

  • Meeting owl: You may see “Hoodini” at your next hybrid event! Designed to capture all speakers within a room, our meeting owl always has his head on a swivel to capture all meeting proceedings, ensuring our virtual attendees are provided the same quality experience.

  • Registration portals: With an overwhelming influx of virtual events and communications, it’s no surprise HCP inboxes are heavily saturated – making the development of enticing invitation campaigns even more challenging. We worked to develop creative registration portals that were not only user-friendly, but also housed all reminders and meeting information in one place… now our participants don’t have to search for an email chain to find everything they need.

  • e-Passes: Further to the challenge of navigating crowded inboxes, we wanted to find an easy way for HCPs to hold onto their registration information for quick and easy access to conference events. We developed electronic passes compatible with both Apple and Google wallets – giving users convenient access to event information that can easily be scanned to track attendance.

  • Gamification: With the number of virtual meetings on the rise, we knew we needed to act quickly to deliver a fresh virtual experience every time. This involved (many) team events testing out new gamified applications, strategizing how we could bring the fun to virtual participants. Our favourites were a “Who Wants to be a Billionaire?” simulation as well as a virtual “Amazing Race”.

2022 was full of exciting new developments, and many learnings as our world returned to a state of normality. Above all, we are grateful to continue navigating change together with our clients. We look forward to continuing to strategize fresh new ideas to keep both your marketing and medical education initiatives at the forefront of the industry.

We hope your year was filled with just as many wins and learnings as ours was. Wishing you a restful holiday season – we’ve all worked hard to get here. Happy Holidays, and here’s to 2023!


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