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Bringing Mindfulness to the Workday

Research shows present-moment awareness (mindfulness) increases stress resilience and involves paying attention to current experience rather than predicting future events or dwelling on the past. Studies show more time spent in the present moment is linked to numerous health benefits including lower levels of perceived stress, anxiety and depression, improved mood, and a sense of well-being!

There are many simple steps we can take to feel more conscious of our feelings during the workday when feeling stressed. Here are a few easy ways to practice mindfulness during the workday:

1. Practice breathing exercises

Breathing is a powerful way to regulate our emotions.

2. Go for a walk

Going on walks can help to calm the mind, gain perspective on things and connect us with nature.

3. Take breaks when you need them

Letting the mind rest can help boost our performance and productivity. Our new ENERGY room at MEDUCOM is a great space for our team to use to relax and recharge.



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