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3 Ways WFO Can Make Your Working Life Easier & More Successful

As vaccines continue to roll out across Canada, more and more offices are opening or making plans to. That’s great news for those who are eager to get back to the WFO (working from office) environment, like we are at MEDUCOM!

What about those who are less eager to return to in-person work? If you are dreading going back to WFO, these reminders of how in-person work can benefit you, not just your company may help. Here are three ways the office can make your working life easier and more successful:

  1. Culture – Enjoy each others company, support one another, and learn from your peers. Identify and integrate successful attributes from others to build on your own skills.

  2. Collaboration – Embrace the ability to collaborate freely for more efficient and enjoyable work. Share knowledge through short informal conversations. Create openness for colleagues to ask questions and share learnings informally.

  3. Collective purpose - Spend time with colleagues to reinforce the sense of a shared mission. Believing in the organization’s mission and goals makes the work more meaningful.

- Rebecca


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