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Beating Inactivity Through Standing Desks

Besides closing gyms and many other workout facilities, COVID-19 has also thrown a wrench into what would have been the start of Spring/Summer outdoor sports season.

To help combat the inactivity, MEDUCOM has begun adopting standing desks for all employees interested in changing up their normal work environments and getting a little more active at their desk jobs. The verdict is in and it has been largely positive – many have said they feel more energetic throughout the day and it has helped improve their posture!

The science behind standing desks has not been fully studied yet, so the real health impact is yet to be determined. However, small initial studies have shown increased worker productivity and reduced risk of shoulder and back pain.

What’s next? We’ve seen dramatic changes to work environments over the last several years, including inflatable exercise balls instead of chairs and standing desks – both gaining popularity with the COVID-19 quarantine. Who knows what the future of “desk jobs” will hold?

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