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Mental Health, Addiction and COVID-19

​In 2018, the US experienced the first drop in the amount of mental health and addiction related deaths in over two decades, with similar trends occurring in Canada. While this is a fact to be celebrated by the countless organizations who continue to push for increased mental health and addiction support, experts warn that the mortality of the coronavirus may be felt mentally just as strong as it is being felt physically.

With unemployment rates skyrocketing and loneliness on the rise, psychological health is expected to drop significantly, with as many as 75,000 premature deaths due to suicide or overdose (Well Being Trust Foundation, 2020).

While these ideas may be grim, these deaths remain preventable. Although social distancing has most people far apart from their loved ones, nobody is alone in these feelings. It is more important than ever to be checking in with those around you both physically and mentally. Check out these links to see what you and your loved ones can do to maintain positive mental health during this uncertain time:

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