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#VaccinesWork for All

It’s World Immunization Week! With the news cycle dominated by the hope for a timely vaccine against COVID-19, it’s important to switch gears and shine a light on approved vaccines that provide protection against other life threatening ailments and save millions of lives. During this week, the WHO is reminding everyone that #VaccinesWork for all. Their 2020 campaign objectives are to demonstrate the value of vaccines and address gaps in routine immunization. They encourage everyone to spread the word that vaccines:

  • Are safe and effective

  • Protect individuals and those around them

  • Prevent outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases

  • Are the only sustainable response to disease outbreaks

Immunization is recognized as one of the most effective health interventions from both an efficacy and cost perspective. However, there are still millions of people who are not protected. Every checkup is an opportunity to ask about vaccination for people of all ages. Get the vaccine you need on time, every time. Be a vaccine champion!

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