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How to keep busy during quarantine

​Stay in routine

Get ready for your day as if you weren’t in quarantine. When you wake up: have a daily grooming routine, get dressed in nice clothes that you would wear out, make a recipe for breakfast that you have been wanting to try, and continue to schedule things throughout your day to look forward to.

Digital connections

Social media has made it really easy to virtually connect with people anytime and anywhere in the world. Connect with your friends, family, and coworkers over the days to get in social interaction and you’ll feel a lot less isolated.

Take up a hobby or start a project

This is the perfect time to take up a new hobby or maybe try getting back into an old hobby! Scrapbooking, reorganizing photo albums, and cleaning in general are both very time consuming and satisfying projects to take on. There are lots of great online scrapbooking and photo album websites that do all the printing and binding for you!


There are lots of studios and gyms offering free online workout programs since most have them have closed their doors. It’s important to stay active and strong during this time.

Relax and enjoy

Enjoy your time off! Read that book that you’ve been wanting to read. Make a little spa day for yourself or find time to meditate. If you’re in quarantine with a family member, play those games that you usually leave for the cottage. Try to stay positive and think of it more as a stay-cation than quarantine.

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