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Homebound: Maintaining Productivity While Working from Home

The rapidly-advancing COVID-19 pandemic has had a wide range of byproducts: cancelled plans, constant uncertainty and, for some, a sudden shift in workplace. As many companies have implemented work-from-home policies to help prevent the spread of the virus, consider these four tips to help adjust to life in the home office and keep up your productivity:

1. Create a routine

That hot shower or perfect cup of coffee has always started your workday, so why stop when you’re working from home? Change out of sleepwear and avoid falling into the habit of waking up five minutes before work begins. Beyond that, make sure to schedule breaks and define when your workday ends. Do whatever you can to keep up your routine to ensure you’re in a productive mindset, maintain your mental health and work-life balance.

2. Maintain an environment that fosters focus

Set ground rules for the workday with those that will be living or working in the same space as you. This can be especially challenging for those with kids or pets, so make plans to keep them safe and occupied. If you don’t work well in silence, try leaving the TV or radio on quietly in the room next to you. If you’ll get distracted by chores, set the precedent that they’ll only be done during lunchbreaks.

3. Communicate with your co-workers even more than usual

When working from home, you can quickly feel disconnected from your team. To maintain accountability, communication should be frequent and your team should always know how to reach you or why you’re unavailable. Video conferences are a great way to maintain the dynamic conversations you would be having in-person; be sure to actively contribute to these meetings to keep engaged with your projects.

4. Keep a dedicated office space

When moving to a home office, ensure your workstation itself isn’t inhibiting your productivity. Ask your employer for support stocking up on office supplies or testing your technology at home. They want you to succeed and would be happy to help! If possible, set up your home office outside of your bedroom so you’re not tempted to jump into bed.

We’re wishing everyone health and productivity during these uncertain times!

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