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MEDUCOM brings awareness to Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia (World Alzheimer’s Day - Sep 21, 2019)

Alzheimer’s disease is a fatal disease that eventually affects all aspects of a person’s life - decreased cognitive and functional abilities, varied emotions and moods, erratic behaviors, and decreased coordination and mobility. Dementia is a set of symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s with the disease being one of the symptoms that can occur. There are 564,000 Canadians currently living with dementia, and 25,000 new cases of dementia are diagnosed every year.

The MEDUCOM team participated in brain-training activities that help to keep our minds sharp while bringing awareness to Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease by searching for disease-associated words!

On September 21st, let’s create more awareness about these diseases by using the strategies below to better communicate with individuals who are suffering:

  1. Agree, never argue

  2. Divert, never reason

  3. Distract, never shame

  4. Reassure, never lecture

  5. Reminisce, never say “remember”

  6. Repeat, never say “I told you”

  7. Do what they can do, never say “you can’t”

  8. Ask, never demand

  9. Encourage, never condescend

  10. Reinforce, never force

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