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How to never work another day in your life!

​We have all heard the slogan “Choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life!” When starting a new position, everything is new and exciting. You get praise for the small stuff, get to learn new tips and techniques, and even more exciting – free food in the lunch room! As time passes, you may start to notice that your duties have become less challenging or you feel more distant from your mentor, having gained a bit of individual responsibility.

Be the change you wish to see! Use these few key tips to help you fall back in love with your job:

  • If you realize you have recently been complaining a lot, take some time to understand the root of the cause – a negative mindset can dampen your mood!

  • When you feel like complaining about something, institute a no-complaining-without-offering-a-solution rule. This allows you to focus on solutions and lead with a positive example.

  • Set small milestones and take on new challenges. You are more creative than you think!

  • Find something outside of work you are passionate about and share that talent with others. Having something in common with your colleagues is a good conversation starter.

Every Friday at MEDUCOM, we get together as a team to chat about our learnings, wins, and give thanks to those who have gone above and beyond. This is a perfect example of how a simple acknowledgement makes an individual feel like they’ve done a great job, regardless how small the task.

Employers - if you want to increase employee productivity, remember to praise them for a job well done, allow them to take on new challenges, and reinforce a sense of team!

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