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Organ Donation Awareness at MEDUCOM

April is organ donation awareness month, and we gathered as a team to participate in an interactive survey to see how MEDUCOM felt about organ donation. Not to anyone’s surprise, the entire team is supportive!

Although, the principle of organ donation is undeniable and the fact that one donor can provide 8 lifesaving organs is widely known, the eligibility to donate organs is still not fully understood. A lack of this understanding is one of the main reasons why many individuals who are willing and capable to donate do not end up doing so.

You might be interested to know that an organ donor can:

  • Have a medical condition. Even if you have a medical condition you can donate. The only thing that would prevent you from donating would be a cancer diagnosis or the presence of a systemic infection.

  • Be of any age. Everyone is welcome when it comes to organ donation. The age of the donor isn’t the impeding factor, what matters is the individual’s health.

  • Be living or dead. Organ donation is not limited to deceased donors. You can be a living donor for organs such as the kidney, part of a liver, lung, pancreas, or intestine.

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