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Myeloma Warriors Unite!

To wrap up Myeloma Action Month, our team took action and developed our view of what it means to be a #MyelomaWarrior – the focus of the campaign. We also shared perspectives from the International Myeloma Foundation’s Chairman, Dr. Brian G.M. Durie, and myeloma patients who have posted their stories online.

We made a word cloud capturing our team’s vision of a myeloma warrior. Themes included patients and healthcare providers who are action-oriented, stay up-to-date on the evolving treatment landscape, and advocate for disease awareness. They share their experiences and optimism with fellow patients and colleagues. We discussed how myeloma treaters individualize treatment for their patients to optimize outcomes and quality of life, and patients remain warriors long after losing their battle thanks to their actions while still alive.

Some background on myeloma: Multiple myeloma is a cancer of bone marrow plasma cells – white blood cells that make antibodies. It’s the second most common blood cancer but most people have never heard of it. The most common symptoms of myeloma are bone pain (often in the spine or chest), persistent or worsening fatigue, and recurrent or persistent infections. Most patients are diagnosed in their 60’s. Patients with myeloma are living longer than they ever have before, but researchers are still working towards a cure.

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