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Redefining “busy”

I have challenged myself to redefine busy. Until recently, when asked “How are you?”, I’ve instinctively replied, “Busy!” Reflecting on this I realized that this four letter word had become a mantra of sorts and a negative one at that. By definition, busy means being full of activity but in my vernacular it had evolved to being filled with intrusive activity. “Busy” had become an excuse for why I couldn’t find time to go to the gym or read a good book.

From this reflection I made a goal for myself to redefine “busy”. Busy means that my attention is dedicated to the task at hand. Busy is a positive mindset, defined by my life being full. It doesn’t mean that I cannot take on other responsibilities or tasks rather I just need to allocate when they will fit in. In doing so, my reflection is now remarkably different. Achieving milestones at work, sleeping and eating right, spending time with loved ones, exercising and maintaining time for personal development is achievable knowing there are seven days in each week and 24 hours in each day.

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