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MEDUCOM joins the Quarter Century Club

Canadian owned and operated since 1994, this year MEDUCOM is celebrating a milestone, its 25th anniversary! As a medium-sized communications agency dedicated only to the healthcare industry, this is a huge achievement for our company. A big part of this success comes from our PEOPLE. We have an amazingly talented and hardworking team at the core of the company that keeps its wheels turning. With this, we are using this momentous occasion to celebrate MEDUCOM’s people with team building events scheduled every month for the whole year. Taking it one step further, we have themed each months activity to a key event from the last 25 years.

January marked our first month of celebration where our team gathered at a local games room, The RoundTable based on the release of Nintendo’s N64 in 1994. With hundreds of games to pick from, we had a blast trying out a variety of games (both silly and serious) with our colleagues.

Stay tuned to see what we are up to in February for our next celebratory activity!

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