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Generous People Live Happier Lives!

We all know that warm pleasant feeling we get when we do a good deed for someone else, but did you know that generosity actually makes people measurably happier?

Neuroeconomists at University of Zurich in Switzerland did a study that showed not only that generous people are happier, but that merely promising to behave generously is enough to trigger a change in our brains that makes us happier. Researchers found that the amount of generosity did not influence the increase in contentment; even just being a little generous was enough.

In study participants, the areas of the brain associated with prosocial behaviour, happiness and decision-making interacted differently depending on whether they committed to generosity or selfishness. Researchers hypothesize that the altruistic areas of the brain and their connection to the happiness area may be strengthened when a person decides to be generous, leading to happier people.

Lots of questions still remain, but for now, these results provide some important insight into the interplay between altruism and happiness. After participating in the Pay It Forward campaign this year, MEDUCOM is certainly feeling the happiness of generosity this holiday season! #MEDUCOMpaysitforward

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