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Make good use of your time!

A client needed an educational program to address a critical need, ASAP. The educational need required us towork with six KOLs, which in itself is not conducive to short timelines! However, relying on strong working relationships with the KOLs, we were able to bring the group together within 2 weeks for a day-long working session. Participants were each given pre-meeting work and, making good use of the resources available, we had faculty-approved content by the end of the meeting!

A global KOL was scheduled for a 90 minute video shoot. On the morning of the shoot, the KOL sent an email saying he could only give us 20 minutes. We adapted our approach by breaking the content into segments and coached the KOL for a few minutes about each segment before the cameras rolled. Every segment was captured in one take, and the KOL was on-time for his next commitment!

As an advisory board approached, a client needed insight regarding how new crucial data might impact Canadian practice. The agenda was already packed and extending the day was not an option. Our solution was to create a “poster-session” using abstracts from a recent international meeting. The KOLs viewed the posters during the afternoon break, and were able to discuss the data with their peers, providing invaluable feedback to the client.

These are just a few examples of how MEDUCOM values time in everything we do: from well-organized communication with clients and KOLs, to setting efficient meeting agendas, to imaginative project development and delivery.

Every day feels busier than the last, and time is our most precious commodity. Why not make good use of your time right now and give MEDUCOM a call?

“Lost time is never found again.”

Benjamin Franklin

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