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How Guelph Has Become a Millennial Hotspot

We all know “millennial pink” is the colour of choice for millennials, but do you know which Canadian cities they prefer? Quebec City and Victoria are ranked 1 & 2, but surprisingly, Guelph, ON is rated the 3rd best city in Canada for millennials, using criteria from categories such as life satisfaction, affordability, health care, and education.

As a young millennial who recently moved to Guelph, I am happy to say, “I agree!” Low traffic congestion makes it easy to get out to visit friends, play, go shopping, even the commute to work is low stress. Recent graduates have been drawn to Guelph because of its economical housing and the potential for a higher initial income. The University of Guelph attracts young academics and the city keeps them here with its unique culture and nightlife.

Want to experience an independent movie theatre or a gourmet restaurant? Guelph has these and more. It’s easy to stay active in Guelph with its numerous recreational sports clubs and beautiful parks and you can cheer on the Storm, (our OHL hockey team) as they play in downtown Guelph.

On top of all this, Guelph’s close proximity to Toronto means you can live here and still enjoy all the Big City has to offer. Even though I have only lived here for a short time, the sense of community makes me call Guelph home.


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