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MEDUCOM – A Rookie’s Blood Donation Experience

​​A few weeks ago, part of the MEDUCOM team made their quarterly visit to the Red Cross to donate blood. I’ve been meaning to donate blood for quite some time, but my nerves always seemed to get the best of me. With the help and reassurance of my more seasoned colleagues, I’m happy to report my first time was an un-eventful success!

It takes about an hour to make a donation – from the moment you walk through the clinic door to the moment you leave. After completing a quick eligibility survey and reviewing your medical history with a nurse, you’re ready to donate blood. The actual donation process only takes about 15 minutes and is pretty painless; I barely noticed the needle after the first few minutes. Following the procedure, I felt a slight pressure on my arm and experienced some dizziness, so they told me to eat and sip on some juice. I felt better after 20 minutes and was cleared to return to work by the nurse.

Did you know one blood donation can save as many as three lives? There are numerous other benefits of donating blood including: improving overall cardiovascular health, maintaining healthy iron levels and burning up to 650 calories. I feel great knowing my donation will help several people, and I’m excited for my next visit to the clinic.

- Alanna

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