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MEDUCOM Climbs to the Top

MEDUCOM spent an unforgettable day swinging from the trees during our latest adventure - Treetop Trekking at Heart Lake Conservation Area in Brampton, ON.

During this outdoor personal development and team building activity, we supported each other to overcome our fears and pushed beyond our comfort zones to overcome the obstacles at hand. Working as a team, we appreciated different ways to approach each challenge and used tactics we would not have devised on our own.

Together we climbed 7 different aerial ropes courses and flew down 6 zip-lines, completing over 65 different physical and mental challenges at the adventure park. After 4+ hours of climbing, swinging, balancing and zip-lining, we were proud to say everyone made it through all obstacles ranging from beginner to expert difficulty!

Needless to say, we were simultaneously exhausted and energized after our day spent in the treetops and look forward to our next challenge. Join our team and see how you can climb to the top with MEDUCOM!

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