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Machine Learning-Based Apps Could Improve Patient Adherence

Drugs are safest and most effective when taken as prescribed; however, it can be difficult for patients with complex treatment regimens to keep track of their medication. Non-compliance with prescribed regimens remains a large issue in the pharmaceutical industry and digital technology is here to help.

Machine learning can be integrated into patient adherence apps to create an engaging and personalized user experience. These types of apps go beyond the ability of simple reminder apps and are more likely to improve adherence. Machine learning is the same technology that Facebook and Netflix use to display personalized content based on user data and your behavior. In a similar fashion, apps incorporating machine learning can display personalized content such as positive reinforcement messages, videos and educational information depending on your condition and level of adherence.

This is just one example of how digital technology is making its way into healthcare. Other exciting applications of machine learning currently in development include diagnosing disease, predicting side effects to specific drugs and recommending treatment decisions.

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