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Move Spring Cleaning Up... To Your Brain!

We are busier than ever before, which makes balancing priorities a task in itself. Add in the overstimulation from media, news, your To Do’s and we quickly burn out, stress out and lose productivity. So this spring instead of cleaning out your closets, clean out and recharge your brain with these five simple steps:

1. Make a List Take your “To Do’s” out of your head and put them down on paper or an app. 2. Sleep

Getting the recommended eight hours not only improves energy levels, but also provides mood and health benefits.

3. Exercise in the Morning Everything from stretching to an early jog will get your brain up and running for the day ahead – and you will feel great!

4. Practice Positive Self-Talk Dump those negative thoughts and replace them with feel-good vibes to boost your productivity.

5. Remove Yourself from Negative News Instead read or watch something uplifting to boost morale and motivate self-improvement.

A clear head makes for a productive day; so make your lists, lace up your runners and get cleaning!

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