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3 Tips to Increase Meeting Engagement

When it comes to advisory board and consultancy meetings, it’s important to keep audience participation top of mind. A good meeting leverages presented content to gain valuable feedback. To get the most from your participants, engagement strategies should be considered and executed.

Here are 3 tips to improve participant engagement at your next meeting:

  1. Present content in bite-sized, easy to digest portions. Shorter sessions keep participants engaged throughout the meeting. Splitting speaking roles across sessions is another great way to keep attention.

  2. Encourage interaction. Following each bite-sized presentation, allow participants to provide feedback and ask questions. Polling, gamification and open discussion are great ways to break up content and capture participant insights.

  3. Experiment with different formats. Instead of a conventional presentation and Q&A style, try incorporating new arrangements such as round table discussion, hypothetical case presentations, breakout groups, polling questions and open discussion in your agenda to keep things interesting and interactive. Meeting formats where participants can get up and move around are a great way to boot energy and involvement.

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