Megan Edgecombe 

Communications Coordinator

Megan is pursuing her BSc in McMaster University’s Life Sciences Co-op program within the Department of Interdisciplinary Sciences, and her experience spans research and frontline roles in healthcare. At the MacStroke Canada Lab she explored the impact of high-intensity versus moderate-intensity exercise in individuals with stroke, while also volunteering to work one on one with patients at the Hamilton Head Injury Rehabilitation Clinic. Megan’s firsthand experience as a care provider in a retirement home during the COVID-19 pandemic sparked her interest in patient advocacy to optimize the healthcare system. Her diverse background across patient care, research and business (combined with French communication skills) drives her to passion to support MEDUCOM’s portfolio of projects.


Outside of work, you can catch Megan skiing or hiking, trying out new yoga poses, writing music, or watching scary movies with her friends. 

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