Purple Day for Epilepsy 2020

Did you know that approximately 0.6% of the Canadian population has epilepsy? What you may not know is that epilepsy is NOT a rare disease. There are more than twice as many people living with epilepsy as the number of people with cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, and cystic fibrosis combined. March is Epilepsy Awareness Month, with Purple Day for Epilepsy falling on March 26th. Purple day began as an awareness campaign in 2008 when 9 year old Cassidy Megan from Nova Scotia created the idea to get people talking about epilepsy in an effort to dispel myths and create a community for those with the disease. On March 26th every year, supporters are encouraged to pull out t

A Game-changer in HIV Treatment

When managing a devastating disease, sometimes a small change can make a big difference. For patients with HIV who are virologically suppressed and stable, that change is on the horizon. Last week, Canada approved GlaxoSmithKline ViiV Healthcare’s long-acting HIV treatment regimen Cabenuva, which will give patients the opportunity to receive a once-monthly injection rather than daily pills. Canada is the first country to approve the combination therapy, which contains rilpivirine (a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor) and cabotegravir (an integrase inhibitor). This approval comes just a few months after a surprising rejection from the FDA; however, Cabenuva’s sister injection – a

Homebound: Maintaining Productivity While Working from Home

The rapidly-advancing COVID-19 pandemic has had a wide range of byproducts: cancelled plans, constant uncertainty and, for some, a sudden shift in workplace. As many companies have implemented work-from-home policies to help prevent the spread of the virus, consider these four tips to help adjust to life in the home office and keep up your productivity: 1. Create a routine That hot shower or perfect cup of coffee has always started your workday, so why stop when you’re working from home? Change out of sleepwear and avoid falling into the habit of waking up five minutes before work begins. Beyond that, make sure to schedule breaks and define when your workday ends. Do whatever you can to keep

Diagnosis Without Biopsy: The Future of Breast Cancer?

The Horizon2020 project SOLUS team aims to begin testing their non-invasive breast imaging system beginning in late 2020. While, mammography can accurately detect breast lesions there a still a large number of false positives, which lead to unnecessary biopsies. The team hopes the SOLUS (Smart Optical and Ultrasound) imaging system can replace biopsy. For patients, the experience will be very similar to receiving an ultrasound. The system uses three components: ·Ultrasound for anatomical information ·Elastography to estimate stiffness (malignant tissues tends to be stiffer) ·Optical tomography to assess tissue composition We’re looking forward to seeing how this innovative technology plays o


#IAMRESILIENT2020 March is Myeloma Action Month. This year the theme is “I am Resilient.” This theme was inspired by an art installation shown at the International Myeloma Foundation’s 13th Annual Comedy Celebration in October 2019 which featured 100 photographs from IMF-affiliated support group leaders. In March 2020 this “Wall of Resilience” has expanded to social media where patients and advocates are posting their stores on social medical with the hashtag #IAMRESILIENT2020 to raise awareness and show support for each other. MEDUCOM has had the privilege to work with many dedicated physicians and pharma employees in multiple myeloma over the years and have heard many stories about how res

Celebrating Women and Gender Equality

Sunday, March 8th is International Women’s Day (IWD) and this year’s theme is “Each for Equal”, encouraging each of us to do what we can to create a gender equal world. International Day of Women and Girls in Science also took place recently on February 11th. Did you know that globally, only 35% of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) students in higher education are women? Diversity can expand the pool of talented researchers, bring fresh perspectives and creativity. At MEDUCOM, we’re proud to work in an office of many talented businesswomen with science backgrounds. What can we all do to continue supporting women in the industry? Challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broade

Rare Disease Day took place on an appropriately rare day this year: February 29.

​Rare diseases can be difficult to find and diagnose, let alone treat. While they may have low incidences, rare diseases are not rare: over 7000 have been identified to date and approximately 300 million people worldwide are living with one. Here at MEDUCOM, we “showed our rare” by finding, researching and spreading awareness of rare diseases. Unicorns – the unofficial symbol of rare disease awareness – were hidden throughout the office and contained the name of a rare disease. Everyone searched for their unicorn and researched a fact about that genetic or infectious disease (e.g. origin, symptoms, prevalence), later sharing the information with the team. The diseases we found represent only


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