Josée Ivars  MSc 


Senior Medical Specialist

Josée completed her Bachelors of Science in Biology at Bishop’s University in 2018. Her continuing interest in human health led her to McMaster University where she completed her Masters of Science in Medical Sciences, concentrating in Metabolism and Nutrition. At McMaster, Josée led a nation-wide clinical research project, studying over 1300 Canadian children with obesity. Her research was focused on family eating behaviour modification and its role in pediatric weight management. 

During the completion of her master’s degree, Josée discovered her passion for scientific writing and the importance of curiosity-driven learning. Her desire to make meaningful contributions to the medical community, collaborate on projects with colleagues, and disseminate important scientific information led her to a career at MEDUCOM. 

When Josée isn’t busy at work, you can find her in the kitchen perfecting her sourdough recipe, teaching her dogs a new trick, or attempting a new yoga pose!