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Andrea Brumwell

Senior Medical Specialist | PhD

63 Meducom- Andrea Brumwell_edited.jpg

Andrea obtained her Honours BSc in Biochemistry at Bishop’s University, while completing research projects in both pharmacology and biochemistry at Université de Sherbrooke. Andrea subsequently received her PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Guelph, focused on stress-dependent regulation of protein synthesis with relevance to the tumor microenvironment. Her broad research portfolio features publications on pain receptor signaling, oncogene regulation, specialized ribosomes and breast cancer translational plasticity.

After 7 years in fundamental research, Andrea developed a passion for scientific communication and realized her desire to have a more imminent impact on human health. MEDUCOM was the perfect place to combine both passions!

When she’s not researching the latest pharmaceutical innovations, Andrea enjoys reading mystery novels, cooking recipes from Chrissy Teigen and relaxing with her atopic cat Ozzie. 

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