Will the Sunshine (Act) in Canada?

By September 11, 2015The MEDUCOM Post

August 2015 marked the 2-year anniversary of the implementation of the Sunshine Act in the US, where pharma and device manufacturers are required to report payments U.S. physicians and teaching hospitals. The news chatter in Canada and the US seems to have died down of late, especially in comparison to the summer of 2013.

There are no signs that any legislative measures along the lines of the Sunshine Act are imminent in Canada, however, in the UK, it has just been announced (August 2015) that all National Health Service hospitals and General Practitioner groups will be required to keep a list of every gift and payment from pharma. This is only 1 month after the report of an undercover investigation revealing National Health Service staffers were paid by drug makers to participate in advisory board meetings. As of April 2015, payments to physicians in Australia are now being reported under revisions to the Medicines Australia, Code of Conduct.

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