Whose decision is it anyway?

By March 18, 2011Vaz Vision

Efficient decision making is vital to keep a project moving forward smoothly and on time. Whether it’s major changes in the program approach, or simple logistical elements, every decision has the potential to stall a project if it is delayed.

As a strategic partner with our clients, we determine who needs to make each decision. We try not to bother clients with trivial matters. For the most important decisions, we always recommend a course of action or prioritized choices, requiring a simple and quick response. Our decades of experience provide a perspective that rarely differs from the Product or CME Manager, and we are able to ensure minimal time investment on the part of our clients. And isn’t that why they hired an agency in the first place?

So if you’ve got more to do and less time to do it, find an agency you can trust to think like you do, and make your decisions for you. That’s a strategic partnership.

– Darryl