Who said you couldn’t plant trees in a blizzard?

By April 22, 2013The Scoop

It was months ago that the Meducom team had decided to give back to Mother Nature and go tree planting. Little did we know Mother Nature had been doing some planning herself…we woke up bright and early Saturday morning to discover a blizzard outside! Not exactly what we were expecting for tree-planting in April, but this did not stop us from heading out in the wintery weather to give back.

After a short hike out to the field, the Rotary Club gave us a brief lesson on tree-planting for some of the new green thumbs in the group. We then got right into the mud and started digging! It was quite a team effort digging the perfect hole, holding the tree straight, pouring on the dirt and mulch, and finally wrapping the tree. Twenty-one trees later, most of us had turned into icicles and had to call it a day. But a few years from now, maybe on a nice warm day in June, it’ll be great to go back to our corner of that field and see how our trees are doing.