‘Tis the season…

By November 29, 2011The Scoop

It’s that most wonderful time of year again.  When darkness falls before you shut down your laptop for the evening and you realize on that first frosty morning that your windshield scraper is somewhere in the basement.   Ah, good old winter.  Although we all grumble and complain about the cold, the snow, and the January credit card bill we must admit that there is something magical about the winter season.  The wonder and excitement of the first snowfall, the twinkling lights on the houses, and that Christmas spirit that cannot be denied, whether you’re young or old.

It is also the season to consider those less fortunate than ourselves.  There are so many ways to make a huge difference in the lives of others, not only at Christmastime but all year round.  My niece recently participated in “We Day”, an event to raise awareness about youth leading local and global change.  The younger generation realizes what can be done, and we must learn from their example.  So the next time you hear a bell jingle when you’re walking down the street and look up to see a donation box, take a moment and coin or two.  Remember that in this crazy world there can be peace, joy, and warmth for all.