There’s an app for that?! Now in the Cath Lab…

By December 12, 2011Pharma Beat

An iPad application has recently been developed to collect data during coronary catheterization procedures and send the information to the iPad. Shared with patients and their families, this tool can allow physicians to communicate more effectively and in some cases may enable them to show the interventional procedure as it unfolds. The visual presentation of the diagnostics and the procedure can benefit both the patient-physician relationship, and also provides the opportunity for cardiologists to communicate on-line, at a high-level, around the world. The app was developed by Dr. Ran Kornowski of the Invasive Cardiology Institute of Rabin Medical Center, in Israel, along with the McKesson Corporation, a healthcare information-technology company. It was designed to protect patient information and be fast enough for point-of-care, and provides high-quality radiology images. This story shows how the iPad, and other table devices, are slowly being integrated into healthcare to improve communication, physician and patient education, access to information, and ultimately the quality of care.