The Negotiator

By September 16, 2011Vaz Vision

A subtle but vital skill that a successful healthcare communications agency brings to pharmaceutical clients is the art of negotiation. In developing an accredited continuing health education program, or a PAAB approved promotional tool, the agency’s role is to address the client’s objectives while meeting the requirements of the regulatory process. What is the key to Meducom’s success?

Beyond knowing the rules and developing open lines of communications with the approval bodies, we know that the resolution of every point of contention is rooted in the science. Each figure, each bullet point, must be supported by a
statistically sound clinical study, and we task our Medical department with assuming the role of the scientific expert. We understand the subtleties of the studies because we take the time to analyse them as a team, and together we can propose creative solutions that satisfy all parties.

So the next time you’re locked in a battle with PAAB or an accredited provider, give Meducom a call. We’d be happy to provide a consultative opinion, and determine how we may be able to help you meet your objectives and timelines.