The company that plays together, stays together!

By December 12, 2011Vaz Vision

At this time of year, we find ourselves organizing corporate social events as a “thank you” to staff, and an opportunity for stress relief. After a successful year, everyone is ready to reset their energy and optimism, and the Holidays provide the perfect setting.

So why don’t we do this more often? When we constantly put client needs first, it’s too easy to overlook the people who matter to us most, our employees. We therefore empower every employee to take the initiative to establish their own company social event, something that allows us to spend quality time together outside of the office, and strengthen our relationship with the local community.

So whether it’s our annual Christmas party or Golf Day, our monthly Blood Drive, or special events like cooking classes, family skate days and community scavenger hunts, we look forward to another year of fun at Meducom!