The Buzz at ASCO 2015

By May 29, 2015Pharma Beat
The Buzz at ASCO 2015

The American Society of Clinical Oncology Meeting is taking place this weekend (May 29-June 2) in Chicago. With an estimated 25 000 set to attend, this is one of the biggest oncology meetings in the world. We’ve been keeping a close eye on the abstracts as they are released and are excited to hear more details as new data is presented.

So what data is likely to cause the biggest buzz at the meeting? The plenary sessions on Sunday are scientific research deemed to have the highest merit and greatest impact on oncology research and practice. Included in the plenary sessions this year are:

  • Immune checkpoint blockade
  • Reduction in mortality among 5 year survivors of childhood cancer
  • Elective versus therapeutic neck dissection in clinically node negative early oral cancer
  • Whole brain radiation and radiosurgery in patients with 1-3 brain metastases

We hope all our Canadian clients and physicians in attendance enjoy the exchange and debate of the latest scientific news in oncology!