Tech Savvy at Digital Marketing Canada

By November 6, 2013The MEDUCOM Post

Digital: It’s a word evoking enthusiasm for many in pharma today, and especially at the 2013 eyeforpharma Digital Marketing Canada conference (Gold-level sponsored by Meducom).

The conference underscored the status of digital marketing in the pharmaceutical industry, highlighting the need for innovative projects to engage physicians, patients, and internal stakeholders. Presentations included perspectives from pharma marketing experts, software and tech companies, with a number of valuable case studies.

I was interested to learn more about multi-channel experiences, and how current software is evolving to manage data and real-time feedback. The importance of timing and consistency in communications was underscored, and the wealth of information to be gained from strategic data analysis was a key theme of the conference.

Digital Marketing Canada was a terrific overview of the current landscape, and a reminder of how digital complements traditional communications. I am excited by the industry’s momentum to integrate digital technologies in new ways, and look forward to further developing Meducom’s digital services with pioneering clients.