Tackling Drug Shortages in Canada

By July 22, 2016Blog Posts, Pharma Beat

Drug shortages are a major issue facing the Canadian healthcare system today. A poignant example of this problem is the recent and ongoing shortage of Clobazam, an anticonvulsant used to prevent seizures in individuals affected by epilepsy. However, there are ongoing initiatives to combat this problem.  The Provincial/Territorial Drug Shortages Task Team manages the website drugshortages.ca, providing information on which drugs are currently in short supply, therapeutic alternatives and when supplies are expected to be restocked. Manufacturers update this website with potential and actual drug shortages. In 2012, the Multi-Stakeholder Steering Committee on Drug Shortages (MSSC) was founded. The MSSC is made up of industry and healthcare representatives working towards better communication of drug shortages and developing strategies for the prevention of these shortages. While the threat of drug shortages remain a challenge with a number of factors to consider, here’s hoping that industry and the Canadian government can continue to think creatively and work diligently to prevent them.