Strategic pitches…bring it on!

By March 21, 2012Vaz Vision
Meducom Vaz Vision Blog

Nothing challenges and excites an agency more than being invited to pitch a strategic pharmaceutical marketing plan for a new client. Timelines are usually tight, and the process draws on every aspect of our services – management, account service, medical, creative…and all this without impacting current business. So what makes us successful?

Meducom embraces the entrepreneurial spirit. We’re not a division of a large global conglomerate, we’re a privately owned and operated company that thrives on the competition for business in the pharmaceutical marketing sector. We realize that a pitch is the best opportunity we have to flex our expertise, and our team appreciates the personal learning and development that organically occurs during briefings, brainstorming sessions and the pitch itself. We’re driven by our pride and passion to do what it takes to put our best foot forward…and the resulting adrenaline is what helps make the inevitable late nights and weekends fun for us.

So if you’d like an agency that’s hungry for your business, give Meducom a call…and we’ll pitch with pleasure.

– Darryl