Staying in the Know

We are exposed to an immense amount of information every single day, from celebrity gossip to the latest clinical trial findings. Though information is easily accessible, there are also challenges, such as filtering irrelevant content and keeping up to date with current events. Luckily there are numerous tools and strategies addressing these challenges, including:

  • Subscribing to your favorite printed or online journals, magazines or news sources.
    This allows control and selection of content. To manage large amounts of email notifications, consider creating a separate email address for subscriptions.
  • Using social media websites such as Reddit and Twitter for up-to-the-minute information.
    Some people have accounts dedicated solely to following news sites. Google News is also a great tool, as it will personalize your news page based on your searches.
  • Dedicating time and making it a habit to search for information.
    This can be as simple as listening to news radio while in transit or discussing an interesting fact with coworkers.

In this Information Age, it is crucial to develop your own strategies and habits to stay in the know.