Saying Goodbye to Winter Blues

By March 5, 2013The Scoop

Last Friday, Meducom took advantage of this never-ending winter by hitting the slopes of Glen Eden. For many of us it was our first run of the season, but thoughts of sore muscles to come didn’t stop us. We hit those runs at full speed! Well that is after we made it off the chairlift, which turned out to be quite a team effort at keeping everyone standing.  I want to say we mastered it, but I think we’ll need another night on the slopes before I can say that.

Our group was made of all levels, and encouraging coaching came from everyone! The award for most-improved goes to Courtney, who in just a few hours went from shakily sliding down the hill on her board to making it down many times without falling! A few of us tested ourselves at the mini terrain park, making it over some jumps after an enjoyable ride up the magic carpet alongside the 10 year olds. Other highlights included warming up with hot chocolate, and of course hitting the pub afterwards. It was an enjoyable night for all, and definitely a great way to beat the blues out of winter!

– Kerianne