Project: Spring Cleaning

As the winter thaws and gives way for warm spring weather, many people feel rejuvenated and energized. Therefore, the spring season is an ideal time to work on lingering projects, whether it’s redecoration, renovation or reorganization. Like any work project, you should be specific when deciding on a spring-cleaning goal. Making a reasonable timeline and working as a group are great strategies to change that project from to-do to done.

Here at MEDUCOM we set a team goal of reorganizing our wardrobes and donating clothing items we no longer wear. Clothing donation is a simple and practical solution for dealing with excess clothing. We arranged to have Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy pick-up our bags of gently used clothes at our MEDUCOM office. OFCP is a non-profit organization that supports people living with Cerebral Palsy and fundraises for CP research. If you would like more details about this great organization or would like to schedule your own free clothing pick-up, you can go to their website: