Patient Ad Board Chemistry

By July 17, 2015The MEDUCOM Post

Ad boards are an indispensible tool to connect with patients. Patient feedback helps improve care and provides solutions to adoption and adherence challenges. Make the most of your ad board by:

  • Clearly defining objectives. Ensure participant needs are inherent in the agenda. Clarify the time, energy, and opinion sharing required. Remember, the ultimate goal is improved patient health!
  • Targeting diverse participants. Include a variety of patients; discussions arising from both positive and negative experiences may prove valuable. Facilitate connections between members to improve comfort.
  • Selecting an exceptional moderator who can:
    • Understand and help set meeting objectives
    • Engage, energize, and garner respect from participants
    • Creatively present information
  • Turning results into strategies. Capture key insights from discussion and strategize ways to action patient needs following the meeting.

Let MEDUCOM help you perfect your patient ad board!