Strategic Pharmaceutical Brand Marketing

Your pharmaceutical brand is your identity in the marketplace, differentiating you from competitors and representing your corporate offering. Effective brand management relies upon the synergistic combination of creative design, scientific content and targeted channels. Our team consistently delivers memorable campaigns within your budget, reaching the right audience with the right message, and maximizing your return on investment.

We understand the intricacies of pharmaceutical advertising associated with PAAB and Rx&D. We manage the comprehensive review process to get your communications materials approved and ready for distribution, making your experience an easy one.

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MEDUCOM’s established pharmaceutical advertising and marketing programs include:

  • Launch execution management
  • Visual aids and value-added promotional tools
  • PAAB submissions and consultations
  • Product Monograph updates
  • Customer and patient loyalty campaigns
  • Patient adherence management programs
Direct Marketing Services:

  • Customized direct mail & email
  • CASL-compliant HCP lists (GP/specialist/pharmacist)
  • Specialty physician detailing
  • 1-800 fax back responses

Healthcare Education Specialists

With over two decades of experience in developing continuing medical education (CME) platforms, MEDUCOM is highly respected for strategizing CME initiatives in Canada. We are seasoned experts with national physician partnerships, ensuring that you are working with the most experienced and influential KOLs in medicine.

Our healthcare education ideas don’t start out of thin air. We believe in top quality research to develop a basis for innovative CME. We incorporate needs assessment results and continually perform market analyses to stay abreast of medical education trends.

MEDUCOM’s CME initiatives are optimized for flexible delivery in lunch & learns, dinner programs, symposia and online learning. We provide comprehensive support materials so you are fully prepared to implement your new CME to maximize audience impact.

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MEDUCOM’s continuing medical education expertise:

  • Professional accreditation:
    • CCCEP/OPQ – Pharmacist Accreditation
  • Needs assessment design & analysis
  • Novel Train-the-Trainer approaches
  • Interactive case-based workshops
  • Sponsored Satellite Symposia
  • Ethical Review management
MEDUCOM’s CME Platforms:

  • CaseBuilder
  • Since You Asked
  • Meeting Manager CME Hub

Advisory Boards & KOL Development

MEDUCOM is a leader in the development and implementation of pharmaceutical advisory boards, consultant meetings, clinical investigator meetings, scientific symposia and other medical meetings.

With over 20 years of KOL networking experience, MEDUCOM develops custom programs that resonate with customers and open channels for two-way communications. We consider issues like participant demographics, personality profiles and customer motivations to bring better ideas to the table.

We design and execute all parameters of your medical meeting from agenda development and faculty recruitment to moderation by senior agency consultants and reporting by our medical experts.

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MEDUCOM specializes in the following professional relations and advocacy development initiatives:

  • National advisory boards (live and online)
  • Regional consultant meetings
  • Strategic post-meeting reports
  • Clinical investigator meetings
  • International ambassador programs
  • National speaker tours
  • Web broadcasts
  • Sales training meetings
  • Brand planning sessions

Medical Communications and Publications

At MEDUCOM, we employ some of the brightest medical minds that truly understand healthcare communications in your therapeutic area. We perform literature searches and data mining prior to commencing a healthcare publication to ensure that content is always fresh and interesting.

Within the highly regulated healthcare environment, you need credible medical publishing channels to disseminate timely information to your target audience. Our selection of healthcare communications publication banners provides the opportunity to increase reach and frequency, keeping your brand top of mind and communicating strategic messages in diverse formats.

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MEDUCOM’s reputable medical editorial and publication services include:

  • Editorial research and validation
  • Peer reviewed journal manuscripts
  • Clinical case studies
  • Consensus guideline recommendations
  • Scientific conference reports
  • RCPSC Section 2 endorsed material
  • Product Monograph reviews
Established Banners:

  • The Journal of Pharmacotherapeutic Strategies®
  • Spective Series (CardioSpective™, GastroSpective™, NephroSpective™, Joint Perspective™)
  • Canadian Digestive Diseases Week (CDDW) Digest
  • Canadian Perspective Proceedings®

Digital Media in Healthcare Communication

MEDUCOM is at the forefront of developing industry leading digital healthcare platforms. Our creative and software development teams work harmoniously to develop intuitive, sleek and impactful programs that produce engaging and valuable medical marketing tools.

All of our digital solutions are developed with one thing in mind – the needs of the end-user. We envision the optimal user experience and develop a custom and fluid environment.

The pharmaceutical market is embracing new technology in their health education initiatives, and MEDUCOM is leading the way!

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MEDUCOM is highly experienced in various online and digital media platforms:

  • Software and web-based programming:
    • e-learning and engagement
    • e-detailing
    • e-advisory boards and investigators meetings
    • online surveys
  • Video scripting and production
  • Mobile apps and podcasts
  • Interactive tablet technology
  • Interactive DVD development
  • Patient support network portals
Custom Digital Platforms:

  • Advisor Space
  • Case Audit
  • Slide Station

Pharmaceutical Market Research & Medical Marketing Analysis

As a leading healthcare communications agency, MEDUCOM has mastered the subtle techniques of effective pharmaceutical market research. Our team develops structured plans to gather and assesses evidence to provide in depth healthcare market analysis and insight which you can apply to make sound medical sales, marketing and education business decisions.
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MEDUCOM’s pharmaceutical market research prowess includes:

  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Sales materials testing
  • Market intelligence
  • Phone, face-to-face and group research
  • Focus group moderation
  • On-line market surveys and analysis
  • Educational needs assessments
Refined Research Models:

  • Syndicated research initiatives
  • Benchmark surveys and analysis
  • Research modelling

Custom Digital Platforms