Our Perspective on Accountability

By January 25, 2013Vaz Vision

One of the core philosophies of working at Meducom is accountability, and we make every effort to communicate this expectation during interviews and at every opportunity in our operations.

But what exactly does a culture of accountability mean? I’ve seen accountability often confused with autonomy, and people struggle to get a job done in isolation rather than ask for help for fear of relinquishing control. But that’s not our interpretation at all.

At Meducom, to be accountable means you accept the responsibility to ensure the delivery of your tasks to the highest level of quality. Accountability means only having to be asked once before taking it upon yourself to drive a task forward, and ensuring that “your baby” does not fall victim to other priorities.

Every member of the team is accountable for aspects of the business, but this does not mean that each person is left to figure it out for themselves! We maintain open lines of communication from junior staff to senior management, and encourage questions at every step of a project so that projects progress with speed, accuracy and strategic insight.

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