Our Curling Adventure

By March 22, 2013The Scoop

Yesterday our team at Meducom had the privilege of trying their hand at curling.  We received an hour lesson where we were introduced to the lingo, tactics and social aspect of curling.  After our lesson we were left to our own devices and put into play everything we had learned.  It turns out the most challenging part was to push off with the stone in one hand, your broom in the other for balance, and release the stone at the perfect speed without falling over.  I have to say it looks easier than it actually is.

There were no winners and no losers, just plain old fun sliding down the curling sheet. We swept when sweeping was needed and gave the rock an additional push once in awhile to get it to the other end. There was even the occasional chase to stop the rock from hitting the back board.  It was really exciting to be given the opportunity to learn a new sport and to get to know the people we work with better.

– Fanny