One giant leap for Professional Development

By January 21, 2011The Scoop

Start printing the new business card, I just added CHIM to the end of my credentials!

The Canadian Health Information Management Association (CHIMA) represents more than 3,700 certified Health Information Management (HIM) Professionals from across Canada.  A requirement to sit the CHIMA National Certification Examination (NCE) is to be a graduate of a CHIMA recognized HIM program, which I fulfilled through the University of Western Ontario’s Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences with specialization in Health Information Management (with a minor in French!). In November 2010, I successfully challenged the CHIMA NCE and now proudly bear the professional designation of certified HIM or CHIM.

So in addition to providing Meducom with expertise in privacy, security and confidentiality of patient records (particularly useful in the age of EHRs), I also have one heck of an answer when someone asks, “What’s your educational background?”. Bring it on…

– Kimberly Chinfatt, BHSc, CHIM