Onboard the Citizen Ship

By June 15, 2011The Scoop

Almost ten years after setting foot in Canada – I – along with 33 others – pledged allegiance to the Queen, and swore to fulfill my duties as a Canadian citizen. A journey that began with endless visas, applications, and passport inserts of every size and colour, culminated rather anticlimactically as I smiled for the camera beside a “mountie”.

In the days leading up to the ceremony, I was repeatedly congratulated and applauded for this great achievement. Having lived in Canada for 10 years before becoming a citizen, however, I had begun to take my presence here for granted, as many Canadians do. I was sceptical of others’ excitement – was it an insult to my previous citizenship? I had never really felt different from other Canadians, so why would this event change anything?

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