Office Utopia: The Flexible Work Environment

By August 17, 2011Vaz Vision
Meducom Vaz Vision Blog

What does it take to achieve an efficient and flexible work environment? The right people.

The premise of workplace flexibility requires every employee to assume responsibility for their role, and recognize occasions when over time and lieu time are appropriate. This may be easier to achieve in small to mid-size companies where corporate culture, communications and expectations spread organically through the organization. But how do you maintain this concept when a company grows rapidly and employees are thrust into the flexible environment without an appreciation for the responsibility that goes with it? The optics of a single colleague abusing the privilege can have a devastating ripple effect!

At Meducom, we tout a single philosophy: don’t just work the job, build a career. This drives people to determine their work day by tasks achieved, not hours spent, so people quickly learn how to plan and adapt their responsibilities around a flexible lifestyle. Our folks work hard to play hard…and our clients appreciate working with a responsive agency that is always accessible in case of emergency.