Not Your Average Ad Board

By September 5, 2013The MEDUCOM Post

Attend an Advisory Board organized by Meducom and you will appreciate the orchestration required to create an outstanding meeting that runs smoothly and achieves the client’s objectives. Schedules are coordinated through months of planning, customized meeting and presentation materials are prepared to meet client objectives and to obtain marketing feedback from physicians, and research is carried out into both the therapeutic area and the specifics of the product.

Paying surgical attention to detail, Meducom ensures both presentation and meeting materials share a creative theme, participants are given meeting materials to improve their meeting experience in one comprehensive package, and the program is reviewed for accuracy and formatting to an exceptional degree – a service that is not provided by all agencies. The workshops are uniquely formatted to create an innovative and engaging session, encouraging important peer-to-peer discussion and bringing value to the client by having participants discuss topics relevant to the positioning of their product within the Canadian marketplace.

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