No case of the Mondays here!

By June 20, 2013The Scoop

When my alarm goes off on Monday morning it is sometimes hard to drag myself out of my cozy bed. What’s easy is going to work at Meducom. I live a few kilometres from our downtown Guelph office. Now that it’s spring I’ve started biking to work. It is a scenic ride past the University of Guelph and the Speed River.

We begin every Monday with a team meeting. It’s a chance for the office to get an update on all our projects and allows the team to share ideas (and maybe hear about everyone’s weekend). Our jobs sometimes involve teleconferences, meetings and travel, so the team meeting allows us to co-ordinate schedules for the week.

No two weeks are the same at Meducom. We work in a variety of therapeutic areas and types of projects from CME, to meetings, to symposia and more. Although I wouldn’t characterize myself as a morning person, it’s a breeze to get out of bed on Monday to go work at Meducom!