New Health Canada Report Declares Gardasil Safe

By December 11, 2015Blog Posts, Pharma Beat

February of this year the front page of the Toronto Star read “A wonder drug’s dark side.” The article said at least 60 Canadians experienced debilitating illness after receiving the Gardasil HPV vaccine and detailed the story of one young woman who died after receiving the vaccine.

Those in the medical community called the piece “alarmist” and “scientifically unsound.” The Toronto Star publisher and editor-in-chief now say they let the public down with the presentation of the story and that the article didn’t get the thought or presentation it should have. The Star later published a correction with the headline “Science shows HPV vaccine has no dark side: To attribute rare devastating occurrences to a vaccine requires evidence of causation, which the Star didn’t have in its article on Gardasil.”

This week Health Canada published an information update on Gardasil which they say was triggered by media reports of safety concerns. The report found no new safety risks associated with Gardasil.